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Biography- Anllela sagra

Hello, guys welcome to our blog. As you can see that our site is totally dedicated to inspire you all to become fit and remain healthy. Today in this blog we are going to introduce you about a very beautiful , well figured, well toned and fit fitness model and also a fashion designer. She is also having a lot of people following on her social media accounts like youtube, instagram and facebook. She is also have a good family background. As you can see in the title name of that fitness influencer,Anllela Sagra.

Anllela Sagra was born in 06 october,1993(age 28), in Columbia. As she born in Columbia ,there is no much supporting people about female bodybuilding. People fear about having tonned and ripped muscular body on females. But even after that Anllela Sagra is a well known fitness model from columbia.

Anllella Sagra participates in many fashion and modeling shows. She also participates in fitness shows. Anllela has also played a fitness modeling competition in olympia.

If we talk about her relationships she is also have an boyfriend whom she met in 2015, that means she is having a very long time relationship with her boyfriend. His name is Tomas Echavarria. He is also an professional bodybuilder and athlete. They together uploads motivational and couple workout videos on youtube. They together are inspiring people to remain fit and healthy. They both are dating each other from a long time.

Anllela Sagra is also very close to her sister laura Sagra. They together uploads their pics on their social media account. Laura is also a fitness lover. Her body is also very good looking. Anllela’s Father is a Businessman, Her mother is an House wife. All this shows that she is having a veru good family background and all members are very close to each other.

As we told you that shse was born in Columbia, but currently Anllela is living in USA. Her Net worth from her training fee and from Other social media accounts and including some sponsers is about $8 million.

Anllela Sagra Early Life

Anllela Sagra till her teenage she was just focusing on her higher school studies. But after completing her higher school studies she choosed to have graduate degree in fashion designing. And also she joined a gym during her college time. There she have an personal trainer after getting trained for few time that trainer inspired her to become a professional in this field. After that her life got changed. And she started her training she was getting the best shape of her like an professional fitness model. But her family was in fear of she is going to take steroids and that will destroy her body. But Anllela continued on her training cycle ,she got well trained with a well experienced trainer.

Anllela Sagra Social Media Popularity

Anllela is also well known in the field giving personal training she gives her training programs on her social media accounts. She is also sponsered by some big fitness brands and she is also sponsers some fitness brands using he social media account. Her social media appearance is very big, because she is being followed by 14.3 million followers with 1.7k posts on her instagram account. She also uploads videos on youtube, and she is having 395k subscribers on this channel. There she uploads some motivational videos. As we told that she also have an regular appearance in olympia. She is also an entrepreneur.

Physical Appearance of Anllela Sagra

Anllela is very good looking with her whitish face and her body is also well figured with tonned muscles. She have an well ripened body. She is about 5feet 9 inches long in height and she weighs arround 56kg.

Training Routine

Anllela trains her body about 4 to 6 times a day. She follows a very strict diet plan for her fitness. She takes a good amount of protein in her all meals and she focuses on taking a very low amount of carbs in her diet. She follows a carb cycle in her diet. She is also very strict about her fats, she consumes her fat only from few nuts and yogurt. She also said that the secret behind fitness is diet, she says she maintains her body more than 70% with her diet only. And the remaining is her dedication to her profession and her workout.

That was all information available about Anllela Sagra on social media. She is an inspiration for many people. And also for female fitness industry. She provides guide to people How to do workout to get the best shape, she also motivates people with her boyfriend by uploading motivational workout videos on youtube. Also she posts her pics on her Other social media sccounts like instagram and facebook.

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